Responsibility Is Integrated Across the Organization

The Prime Credit Responsibility team, consisting of specialists in corporate responsibility and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters, collaborates closely with our investment teams, central to our responsible investment initiatives. Their efforts are bolstered by both internal and external resources, and are supervised by our Responsibility Steering Committee and the Prime Credit Board of Directors.

Our Goal: Unveiling the unseen,
creating opportunities

We see opportunities others miss. Our unique insights
and unwavering conviction create a powerful catalyst,
fueling growth and unlocking potential.


Years of Experience

Utilizing AI indicators to inform investment choices and time market transactions

Prime Credit leverages AI to analyze over 400 company reports and filings each day, identifying potential risks within relevant companies, whether in PCG's clients' portfolios or for potential direct investments. This analysis is supported by natural language processing (NLP), an AI technique capable of comprehending human language. NLP is instrumental in generating investment signals, which serve as alerts to detect underperformance or forecast positive trends.

Inclusive and Independent Corporate Leadership

Prime Credit's Executive Officers and Board of Directors, diverse in their perspectives, drive the firm's strategic direction, reflecting our commitment to strong governance.

10-member Board of Directors with a majority of independent members.

Independent Board Chair

Distinct Roles and Responsibilities for Chair and CEO

A diverse range of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds

What We Stand for at Prime Credit

Driven by the pursuit of insight that unlocks opportunity, our shared values guide our daily work. These values form the bedrock of our culture, empowering individuals to bring their unique talents and unleash their full potential.

Foster Mutual Investment
Pursue distinctive knowledge
Communicate with Clarity and Conviction
Unwavering integrity defines our every move.

Our Values:
How We Deliver on Our Goal

By living out our values , we create a positive impact on our colleagues, clients, and communities


Foster Mutual Investment

At Prime Credit, we celebrate individuality. We embrace diverse perspectives, talents, and backgrounds – a mosaic that strengthens us all. We empower our employees to reach their full potential, fostering strong relationships and actionable solutions.

Pursue distinctive knowledge

Curiosity is ingrained in who we are. We thrive on tackling complex challenges and delving deeper through inquiry. We refuse to settle for simple answers as we strive to understand the world around us, making us better investors and partners for our colleagues and clients. As independent thinkers, we follow the path of research and data wherever it leads. And the pursuit of knowledge isn't the finish line, but the catalyst for deeper conversations.


Communicate with Clarity and Conviction

We embrace debate and self-reflection – it fuels conviction. Through collaborative inquiry, we gain a nuanced understanding of complex issues. We stand firm in our beliefs while recognizing the ever-changing world, constantly reassessing our perspectives with intellectual honesty. Above all, as a trusted voice of reason, we strive to seek and speak the truth to our colleagues, clients, and the broader community.

Unwavering integrity defines our every move

Though diverse in businesses, disciplines, and individuals, we share a unifying commitment: to be strong stewards for our people, clients, and communities. Our ethical foundation and fiduciary duty guide every decision. We foster mutual growth, empowering both clients and colleagues. Beyond financials, we encourage investments in what truly matters, enabling positive impact.


Our pursuit of insightful thinking serves as a catalyst, not just for strong financial returns, but for unlocking a broader range of opportunities for our clients, empowering them to achieve their goals.

Who We Are

The PCG WorkForce


Board of Directors with Diverse Representation.

New Hires

New Hires with Ethnic Diversity.


Associates with Ethnic Diversity.


Compensation and Workplace Practices

at Every Level

At PCG, we are steadfast in our dedication to cultivating an inclusive environment that appeals to diverse and talented individuals. To achieve this, we have implemented specific measures to ensure that our staff exemplifies and is responsible for achieving PCG's diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.

Prime Credit Staff Learning to Drive Change in Disability Inclusion

Prime Credit inaugurated a Neurodiversity Resource Hub to provide employees with resources aimed at fostering growth and prosperity for all individuals and teams. Additionally, we established a new Employee Resource Group called PCG ADAPT (Able & Disabled Advocates Partnering Together) to offer support to employees, clients, and their families and teams who have disabilities.